What I’m Here For (It’s Not to Make You Buy Something)



What I’m Here For


I’ve heard quite a few times that people have said to others (about me) things such as…’Yeah I won’t buy her stuff so she probably hates me’. Or ‘I feel bad but I don’t want to buy anything, I just need help’. I’ve even had people attempt to leave a message conversation with me because they couldn’t afford a Beachbody workout or my training and they thought that’s all I wanted.


So I’ve decided to clear all of this up. Crystal clear in fact.


before wedding and after workouts


When I was almost 20 lbs overweight for my wedding and I knew I should’ve done something about it, no one was there to support me or to even confirm that I was overweight. When I was not working out and my lung function was slowly decreasing (an irritating side effect of Cystic Fibrosis), no one in my household was too worried because they weren’t into that stuff either, so they certainly wouldn’t keep me accountable about it. When I decided I wanted to lose weight FOR ME because I wasn’t comfortable in my skin…I had women tell me how ridiculous I was because “if only they could be a size ….” or weight what I weighed. I got told that I couldn’t complete the P90X workout because it was “too hard” for me. That I would never finish. And yes, when I rocked out the workout in front of others, I GOT LAUGHED AT.

I decided right then and there that I would NEVER do that to someone in their fitness journey, no matter how large or small of a goal they had to reach. I would never judge the number on the scale, only how that person felt about themselves and if I could do ANYTHING to help I promised myself I would.

It started out with Beachbody. I love the company, all it stands for and especially the products it has that have helped me so much. (And quite a bit of my family and friends too) Then it turned into getting my CPT and training other people myself. Then it turned into teaching Surfset fitness classes and Insanity and having so much of a blast I wanted everyone I knew to participate. This stuff is FUN to me. TONS OF FUN. It’s rewarding, it’s calming, it’s energizing, it’s self boosting and I want to share it with the world.

So if I share it with you…if I get excited about how far you’ve come…or get excited about how far you want to go… just remember this. I’m a cheerleader down in my soul. I root for the underdog. I desire for you to feel good about yourself. I am a fixer. I am a caregiver. And I am a supporter.

So the next time I tell you about some new workout, or ask you about your fitness journey (even IF you didn’t buy something from me) just know it’s from my heart. WAY deep in my heart. It’s in my prayers that you are successful and in my soul that you can look at yourself in the mirror and be pleased.


This is why I coach. I COACH BECAUSE I LOVE TO.


Thank you. :)


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